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Democractic School 

We live in a democratic system;
therefore, the educational institutions
we have should encourage the
elements of democracy to ensure its
essence and improve it within our
For this, this school is governed by an
assembly where all children
participate and decide on the rules
and operation.
At the same time autonomy (ability to
make and decide), critical thinking,
and individual responsibility in the
operation of the school are

Active School

We need students to participate
actively in their learning throughout
the school day, seeking to truly apply
the knowledge acquired in a practical
way, to interact continuously, and to
be motivated in their task(s).
This school works through active
methodologies, such as corner
learning, cooperative learning, and
project learning. All the methodologies
and tools that are used are based on
scientific evidence taken from
neuroscience and psycho-pedagogy..

Respectful School

For there to be real learning and
positive coexistence, it is necessary to
respect the characteristics, interests,
and development rhythms of each
child. We understand that each child
is different and that we must
accompany each child to enrich them
so they can reach their maximum
For this we offer a safe, respectful and
integral development space (all areas
are included), mediated by
professionals who act as companions
and guides of the students.

Community School

Education has the capacity to
transform and to be an engine of
community development. That is why
this school is a school for all and will
always open their doors to the
community to ensure families of
different economic levels and different
cultures who live together receive the
same quality education.
School-related activities such as
fishing, carpentry, gardening, surfing,
sewing, gardening, cooking, yoga, etc.
will be introduced to the school. And,
in turn, the students will carry out
various projects to improve their

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