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The fiscal school "Ernesto Velásquez Kuffó"; is the only educational center in Ayampe and currently has 60 students from 3 to 12 years old: Early, preparatory and elementary and middle school education (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7 th , Basic General Education). This school was founded thirty years ago and in 2019 it has become an
educational center of reference for the implementation of an Innovation and Improvement Project led by the Ministry
of Education, Comité Promejoras Ayampe, and the International Education Network (RIE).To achieve this, a survey was carried out in the community, which resulted in the following changes to be endorsed: improvements in school’s facilities, training for teachers, creation of new
pedagogical materials, participation of volunteers, and use of community resources. With the efforts of the entire
community, entities, and donors, Ayampe’s school has been transformed into a school that executes its curriculum through alternative methodologies adapted to the reality of Ayampe and the needs of the 21st century.


Ayampe is a community with less than 400 inhabitants, located in the province of Manabí, Ecuador. It was declared by the Ecuadorian Government as a Protected Tourist Area
(ATP) and a Tourist Rest Center by Executive Decree No. 1521 due to itsunique geographical position (river, sea,
mountain). This decree is a legal obligation to maintain a respectful development of nature in its tourism,
construction, education, mobility, aesthetics and in general with its way of life. Ayampe is a solidary, united, and multicultural community that works to maintain a fair and sustainable social and environmental development. In addition, it is a place visited by those looking to spend a few days of tranquility, perform activities such as yoga or surfing, enjoy its good cuisine, and relish in its beautiful nature. Comité Promejoras Ayampe, Ayampe’s local government formed by the inhabitants of the community, works to promote various projects to ensure respectful development and improvements. Currently, Comité Promejoras is piloting a new project focused on improvement and innovation of the local elementary school.

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